ATI member Shower Stream has been selected as one of seven student startups nationwide to participate in the inaugural 2019 cohort of the LaunchPad Lift program, a new initiative by Blackstone LaunchPad and Techstars.

As part of Blackstone and Techstars’ partnership to support collegiate entrepreneurs, LaunchPad Lift identifies top-performing student teams from across the LaunchPad global network, and pairs them with resources and opportunities that are not generally available on college campuses to help their ventures succeed. Shower Stream, a University of Texas at Austin student startup, was selected from a highly competitive class of applicants across the global Blackstone LaunchPad network as one of seven participating student companies.

About Shower Stream

It’s a familiar scene: you get up in the morning, turn on the shower, and while you are waiting for it to warm up yet get distracted by other tasks while it runs in the background. A recent Berkeley National Lab study found that 70% of bathers do this, and across the U.S. this habit wastes 2 trillion gallons of water, 1 trillion kWh of energy and $50bn annually. Shower Stream has developed an easy to install motion-activated shower head adapter that turns warmed up but unattended showers off until the bather steps into the shower. Their initial market is hoteliers, and the company recently concluded its first hotel pilot, has received a pre-order of units from a New York hotel, and is in discussions with several others for multi-building pilots next year.

About the Inaugural LaunchPad Lift Program

Ian Howard, a mechanical engineer and recent graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, was recently invited to attend the Blackstone LaunchPad Training Camp in New York City on behalf of Shower Stream, where he made a pitch to a team of Blackstone and Techstars executives.

“The Blackstone Launchpad Training Camp in New York was outstanding. Between the meetings with incredible Techstars mentors and inspiring presentations from successful business men and women, I gained vital insights that will help Shower Stream execute on our mission to save billions of gallons of water for people around the world,” Howard noted. At the conclusion of the Training Camp, Shower Stream was chosen as one of seven companies to be part of the inaugural 2019 LaunchPad Lift Cohort. “My team and I are honored and humbled to partner with Blackstone and Techstars. There is no doubt that it will be an inspiring and transformative experience for our team and company.”

The ventures selected for the LaunchPad Lift cohort were chosen based on a variety of factors, including live pitches and peer voting at the LaunchPad Training Camp, mentor feedback, and a review process conducted by the Blackstone and Techstars teams to assess the strength of the business model and concept, coach-ability, venture stage, and ability of the team to fully utilize a mentor to help reach a goal.

The inaugural LaunchPad Lift cohort will build on the existing work of Blackstone and Techstars and provide additional support for promising student entrepreneurs through Techstar’s proven mentor model. At the start of the program, LaunchPad entrepreneurs will identify strategic developmental milestones and receive individualized support to achieve these goals over a 10 week period. “I’m confident that the inaugural cohort will experience huge gains in their development as entrepreneurs,” says Alisha Slye, Global Director of Blackstone LaunchPad. “Through curated access to Techstars and Blackstone networks, entrepreneurs will be poised to experience real traction with funding, find great opportunities with competitive accelerator programs, and have the opportunity to acquire new customers.” David Cohen, Co-CEO of Techstars, added: “Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars offers students valuable on-campus support during a critical time in their entrepreneurial journey. LaunchPad Lift will take this a step further – dedicating additional targeted support to a cohort of the most promising ventures. Techstars wants to be a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed from inspiration to IPO and we recognize the importance of early guidance.”

LaunchPad Lift ventures will each receive a $10,000 grant from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation to support strategic efforts that grow and scale their ventures. The seven selected ventures for the 2019 LaunchPad Lift cohort were chosen from across the LaunchPad global network, representing seven schools in four states and two countries. Additionally, more than half of the startups in the 2019 LaunchPad Lift Cohort have a female founder.

This new program is a continuation of Blackstone Charitable Foundation’s commitment to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, a mission that they have invested over $25 million philanthropic dollars in to date.

The ventures accepted to the 2019 LaunchPad Lift cohort are:

  • Shower Stream, The University of Texas at Austin: The Shower Stream is a smart shower head adapter that installs as easy as a light bulb, saves wasted water, proves the savings via the web and is completely unobtrusive to the user.
  • CALM, Temple University: CALM is a small device that uses pulses of vibrations to influence the brain and de-escalate rising stress and anxiety attacks.
  • Combplex, Cornell University: Combplex provides an IoT solution to beekeepers’ number one problem, eliminating the parasites killing their bees.
  • Lazarus, Texas A&M University: Lazarus provides a specialty ammunition that penetrates a threat, then minimizes blood loss post-penetration in order to preserve life.
  • MyWellBeing, New York University: My Wellbeing connects therapy-seekers to compatible therapist and coach matches in NYC.
  • Petitas LA, University of Southern California: Petitas LA is a clothing brand by and for petite, professional women. Petitas seeks to empower petite professional women to be #clothedinconfidence through uniquely-tailored, high-end garments.
  • SteriCISION, National University of Ireland Galway: SteriCISION is developing a novel medical device to make caesarean delivery a safer and superior surgery.

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