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ATI is the “deep tech” incubator of The University of Texas at Austin. By deep tech we mean startup solutions founded on breakthrough scientific discoveries and engineering innovations, particularly with a focus on sustainability applications (circular economy, energy, food & agtech, mobility, and water). We typically work with ventures that have already developed a working prototype to determine whether a concept solution works and produced a minimum viable product (MVP) to understand whether customers will pay for a concept solution. We help each member company build its business case, commercialize its product, and scale its venture.

ATI practices rolling admissions. Our due diligence/get-to-know-you process is driven by meetings between the founders, ATI staff, and relevant experts from the community. The feedback and relationships generated through this process often have considerable value regardless of the final admissions decision.

Even though the Incubator is part of The University of Texas at Austin, any company can apply. There is no requirement that a startup needs to be based on UT technology, or have any other connection to UT to be a member of ATI. Upon receipt of your application, someone from our team will follow up with you for more detail.

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