Entrepreneur/Company Application

  • Please provide a 2-3 sentence description of your company. (limit 100 words)
  • UT affiliation is not a requirement for ATI admission. However, if your company or technology is affiliated with the University of Texas system, please let us know.
  • Please address the size and growth rate of your target market in addition to any major trends or changes affecting it. Identify the major competition in your target market and the basis for competition (e.g. price, quality, UX/UI, features, etc.). Identify your company’s competitive strengths. (Limit 150 words)
  • What is the market pain your company alleviates? How does your company/product solve this market problem? What are customers currently doing to address this problem? (Limit 150 words)
  • Please explain your company’s revenue model. What are the economics of a purchase (price per unit, cost per unit, other costs)? How much will it cost your company to go to market? What are your company’s funding requirements—what is your current burn rate and what are you spending it on? Do you have an exit strategy?