Meet Our Partners

Through partnerships with corporate sponsors, trusted professional and strategic partners as well as universities and other community affiliations, ATI is dedicated to supporting deep tech solutions that will become the future for today’s global challenges. Our long term, trust-based relationships with investors whether local angels, foundations, local and national venture capital companies and sources of public funding are essential for getting our member companies funded. We have proven we are an engine for growth and a stimulator to meaningful and proven economic development. But it takes your continued partnership to achieve this significant level of impact.

Austin Technology Incubator Economic Impact for Central Texas

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Corporate Partners

Our global corporate partners are heavily engaged and committed to helping further the success of our incubation member companies by providing ATI the foundational and funding resources we need in order to better serve our deep tech companies. Corporate partners get first looks and premier access to our present portfolio, pre-incubation, pipeline and alumni companies. Our typical corporate partnerships start with technology scouting and evolve to relationships that may include M&A or working with internal investment teams.

Community Partners

ATI has a heritage of building successful, deep tech startups that enhance our local economy, contribute to job growth and economic development. In turn, our community partners contribute significantly to further establishment and growth of our ecosystem, business mentorship, funding opportunities, in-kind services and industry connections. Together with ATI, these partners build tremendous value for our member companies and their communities throughout Central Texas and beyond.

Trusted Partners

ATI has established a network of Trusted Partners who offer specific professional services that benefit our member companies. Our Trusted Partners offer customized pricing and advisory services that contribute to our Lunch and Learn educational series for our student entrepreneurs as well as our ATI member companies, our preincubation and pipeline companies. Many of our Trusted Partners have had a long-standing commitment to supporting the ATI startup ecosystem and a successful track record of working with our member companies through their development and growth challenges offering a variety of tools, resources and products for their go-to-market strategies. 

University Partners

ATI maintains strong partnerships with Texas flagship universities:  University of Texas at Austin, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio; Rice University; Texas Tech; and Texas A&M.  We also have strong relationships/collaboration with MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley. Our University Partners provide ATI with ongoing high-quality deal flow. ATI works directly with the Technology Transfer Offices at each university to connect inventors and business drivers, facilitate introductions to corporate partners, turn startups & scaleups into viable businesses, and to advance technologies to commercialization.

Over our 30 years, ATI partners have included:

With the collaboration, resources and active support of our partners we can build a better future for everyone.