ResilientGrid to provide software for North American bulk power grid situational awareness system

ResilientGrid to provide software for North American bulk power grid situational awareness system

ATI member company ResilientGrid, Inc. announced today that the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has selected the ResilientGrid OS software platform for implementation of Version 3 of the software tool for NERC’s Situational Awareness for FERC, NERC and the Regional Entities (SAFNR v3) initiative, which will cover the North American bulk power system.

Enabling critical infrastructure operators to effectively communicate and coordinate is critical to the reliability and resiliency of the bulk power system. Building a common relevant operational picture between these entities ensures they have the right tools and habits for effectiveness across all situations.

The deployment of ResilientGrid OS for SAFNR v3 will facilitate important shared situational awareness, providing a geospatial view of the bulk power system, and improved communications capabilities among those entities responsible for the reliability and resiliency of the bulk power system.

ResilientGrid’s software and training solutions have been specifically designed by a world-class team, with expertise in human factors science and critical infrastructure operations. This human-centered approach positions operators for success across normal operations and extreme occurrences, so that they can keep critical bulk power system infrastructure effectively operating.

In late 2017, ResilientGrid OS provided shared situational awareness between NERC, the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC), and other key stakeholders during the GridEx exercises, producing significantly improved efficiency and collaboration among the involved parties, for physical and cyber security.

CEO and founder Michael Legatt noted “the most important components on the grid are the human beings in control rooms and in the field. ResilientGrid OS is designed to set these people for success.” ResilientGrid builds its human performance- centered software to be continuously improving so that it “grows to continue to meet the needs of the bulk power system operators, as they face an increasingly cyber-connected and fast-moving world of grid operations.”

Software and training implementation is currently underway in participating control rooms across North America and the system is expected to be operational and online over the summer.

Legatt presented at the 8th annual NERC Human Performance Conference, “Remodeling and Rethinking Human Performance in the Control Room”, and “The Brain Science Behind Human Performance and Organizational Culture” on March 26-28, 2019.

About ResilientGrid, Inc.

ResilientGrid develops software solutions and services that put the operator at the center of electric grid operations – increasing performance both day-to-day and during emergencies. The company’s software platform, ResilientGrid OS, provides operators with an integrated common operational picture for all components on the grid, and facilitates information sharing about system events for management, training, and compliance reporting. The company is
dedicated to providing grid operators and managers with the best tools available, grounded in human factors science, to create environments and systems that enable the highest possibility of success.

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