Provene Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Provene Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Leveraging technology and data to reduce incarceration

The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) is pleased to announce Provene as the newest addition to its portfolio. Provene is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers a programmable app and web-based monitoring platform designed to help criminal justice case managers efficiently and effectively communicate and coordinate with defendants regarding judicial compliance plans.

Leveraging Technology > Virtual Case Management

Court systems provide an essential service. Courts are adjusting to COVID-19 with both conditional release and “virtual court.” Innovative court systems use Provene’s app to monitor their defendants and optimize their caseloads. This provides a cost-effective addition to other monitoring tools, such as ignition locks and ankle monitors. Provene’s mobile app helps the case managers gather important data, such as GPS tracking, appointment monitoring, task completion and a host of other measures used to monitor court compliance.

“One year in jail is more expensive than Harvard’s tuition and 90% of people who leave jail will return. Provene’s technology and data can be used to break the incarceration cycle and improve outcomes,” said Andrew Dubinsky, Provene’s founder and CEO.

Provene : ATI Relationship

“As our business is growing rapidly within this challenging environment, partners like ATI are crucial to provide us with much needed advice and connections,” added Dubinsky. As a member of ATI, Provene will be able to leverage ATI’s strategic relationships across the Austin ecosystem along with ATI’s extensive network of expert mentors and funding sources. “We are excited to welcome the Provene team to the Austin Technology Incubator and look forward to supporting their important mission to enable organizations and individuals to improve outcomes in chronic and behavorial health conditions through improved outcomes,” said Lisa McDonald MD, MSTC, Director of Healthcare at the Austin Technology Incubator.

About Provene

Provene is a software as a service (SaaS) company leveraging technology to enable case managers in the criminal justice space to better manage their caseload while allowing defendants to improve their compliance with their court program. For more information, please visit