Robotic litter collection service Mekaworks joins ATI

Robotic litter collection service Mekaworks joins ATI

The Austin Technology Incubator is pleased to welcome Mekaworks as the newest addition to its Circular Economy portfolio. Mekaworks is fundamentally changing the economics of litter cleanup through robotics.

Robotic Litter Collection Service

Mekaworks exists to create scalable and marketable solutions to environmental problems. Inspired by the scale of the ocean plastic problem and direct observations on the rate of litter accumulation on Texas roads, co-founders Jason Lewis and John Connolly realized that human labor alone would never be able to solve the litter problem cost-effectively.

But with robotics becoming ever more affordable, coupled with the increasing availability of machine-vision systems, they recognized an opportunity to use technology to change the economics of litter cleanup. “When we saw that a robotic solution could remove waste from the environment while saving our customers money, we knew that we had a winner,” said co-founder Connolly.

Founded in the spring of 2019, Mekaworks has demonstrated the ability of affordable robots to navigate, locate, map, and collect trash. After successful indoor trials of their technology, they have now shifted their attention to the more challenging outdoor environment. They are on track to beta test their robots with Central Texas municipal customers in early 2021.

Mekaworks : ATI Relationship

“We at Mekaworks are looking forward to drawing on the expertise of ATI and their extensive network of partners and mentors,” said CEO Jason Lewis. “With their assistance we will be able to validate our technology and fine-tune our business model much more quickly than we would on our own.”

“ATI is excited to work with Mekaworks to help their technology reach its full potential,” said Mark Sanders, director of ATI’s Circular Economy Incubator. “Supporting deep tech startups that serve an environmental or societal need is what ATI is all about.”

About Mekaworks

Mekaworks is working to address the main problem with litter collection, the high cost. We are creating technology that cleans the environment while saving our customers money. For more information, please visit