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Lumaegis Wins 2024 IUVA RadLaunch Challenge

This week the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) recognized ATI portfolio company Lumaegis as one of its 2024 RadLaunch Challenge Winners.

Lumaegis’ RadBox is a sterilization device that uses a semiconductor-based solution i.e., UV-C and IR Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to generate germicidal radiation and heat. This solid-state-based microbicidal platform eliminates all forms of micro-fauna on the surface of solid surgical and probing-type instruments used in common surgical procedures, usually in a medical office setting and other surgical specialties of dentistry. The RadBox sterilizes surgical tools in just minutes, while overcoming many of the limitations of other devices. The RadBox device does not use any water and can be easily integrated to existing Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) workflow. In addition, since there is no energy-intensive steam generation process, the power consumption is less than 5% compared to equivalent autoclave devices. Lumaegis medical devices use specific combinations of wavelengths to attack DNA and RNA structure i.e., thymine dimerization and denaturing protein molecules. The anti-microbial properties of UV-C radiation are well-known and we do this in seconds, rather than hours, enabled by the special properties of UVC. The initial target market is oral healthcare practitioners, who actually helped develop the concept and design of RadBox.

RadLaunch connects startups with UV+EB industry leaders to help move their innovative ideas toward commercialization.