HiPR Innovation joins ATI

HiPR Innovation joins ATI

The Austin Technology Incubator is pleased to announce HiPR Innovation as the newest addition to its healthcare portfolio. HiPR is dedicated to preventing the development of pressure ulcers through the first smart, dynamic, and reactive wheelchair cushion.

The first reactive pressure relieving cushion

Pressure ulcers are a major problem faced by wheelchair-bound patients. Caused by prolonged contact and pressure from sitting in a wheelchair, these ulcers can result in wound infections, immunodeficiency issues, and higher healthcare costs. In the United States alone, 2 out of every 3 wheelchair-bound patients develop pressure ulcers in their lifetime with approximately 60,000 deaths annually.

HiPR Innovation’s mission is to prevent the incidence of pressure ulcers in wheelchair-bound patients through a smart cushion that dynamically alleviates areas of high pressure. The smart cushion utilizes pressure sensors to reactively respond to the pressure profile of patients in real time. Its proprietary algorithm uses the data from these sensors and makes the necessary adjustments to redistribute the pressure, improving blood circulation to maintain healthy tissue. Furthermore, it utilizes a mobile application to provide visualization of high-pressure areas to patients, which none of the current products on the market offer. Additionally, HiPR Innovation’s mobile application can provide valuable pressure information to healthcare professionals to better understand their patients.

The HiPR – ATI relationship

“We first began working with HiPR founder Krishan Sachdev when HiPR went through our Student Entrepreneur Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) program in 2019. It was a pleasure to work with him and we already saw a great deal of growth over the course of that program. We are excited to bring HiPR into our incubator portfolio now to strengthen this relationship and continue to work toward making their solution a reality for wheelchair-bound patients,” says ATI’s Mark Chiarello.

“What began as an idea transitioned into a prototype, pitch deck, and eventually a fully-fledged business. ATI has been there for HiPR since the beginning. ATI has been essential to our growth and evolution. They have provided us with direction, mentorship, and opportunity. We are grateful for our relationship with ATI and look forward to working with them along this great journey,” says HiPR co-founder and CEO Krishan Sachdev.

About HiPR Innovation

The motivation for this project began when the founders of HiPR Innovation, Krishan and Koshilia Sachdev, witnessed their cousin transition into life as a paraplegic after a traumatic accident. Despite receiving the standard of care, recurrent pressure ulcers soon became an additional and unnecessary problem. The HiPR Innovation team consists of motivated individuals from The University of Texas at Austin who believe that prevention is the best medicine. They are focused on preventing the incidence of pressure ulcers in wheelchair-bound patients. After three years, HiPR Innovation has been awarded a patent by the USPTO and has built a working prototype. For more information, please visit www.hiprinnovation.com.