Herdsy Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Herdsy Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Taking the guesswork out of livestock production

The Austin Technology Incubator is pleased to announce Herdsy as a new addition to its Food and Agtech portfolio. Herdsy is focused on solving one of the biggest issues the beef industry faces today, namely, sustainability. Herdsy’s technology addresses both environmental and financial sustainability.

Enhancing Rancher Profitability & Decision Making

Ranchers worldwide are leaving billions of dollars on the table by sending their animals to market at times that don’t maximize profits: if sent too soon, valuable income is potentially lost; if sent too late, not only are production costs higher and cashflow reduced, but also excess GHG emissions are emitted during the animals’ unproductive life. Herdsy is improving this decision-making process by arming ranchers with profit-focused, data-driven insights.

The Herdsy Livestock Tracking Collar

Herdsy’s livestock tracking collars use advanced sensors and AI to help ranchers predict the carcass yield of their herd. The collar is the only animal tracking tag that extrapolates health and physical data to help cut costs, improve revenue, and enable a more environmentally conscious ranching practice. Ranchers are alerted to problems that lower the value of their herd, advised on the ideal time to send animals to market, and informed about how their performance compares to industry average or similar ranches. “At Herdsy we know profitable beef production and environmental considerations are not opposing choices. Cattle ranching can be both highly profitable and environmentally sustainable,” said Richard Hobson, CEO of Herdsy.

Herdsy < > ATI Relationship

“We are honored to be selected by ATI – honored and a bit daunted – being a beef tech company from the UK & Ireland. No other place in the world can claim the same affinity, expertise or traditions that Texas does in the beef industry. Herdsy has come to Texas to learn from the best in the world, which is the Texas cattle community and the Austin ecosystem,” continued Hobson. As a member of ATI, Herdsy will be able to leverage its strategic relationships, extensive network of expert mentors, and funding connections. “What Herdsy is doing is incredibly exciting because it’s a double-bottom-line approach to the food industry”, said Erin Keys, Director of Sustainability at the Austin Technology Incubator.

About Herdsy

Herdsy is an innovative, internationally award-winning agritech company working to bring the most advanced technology to the beef industry at an affordable price. Using advanced sensors and AI, Herdsy is committed to ensuring that ranches operate at maximum productivity and profitability while reducing environmental impact. Herdsy’s animal tracking tag can also be used on any farm animal – bovine, sheep, pigs, deer, and even poultry. For more information, please visit https://herdsy.com/.