Happy Holidays from ATI

We wish you all a great holiday season and a happy new year!  We recently had our holiday happy hour party with our member companies and staff at the nearby Roaring Fork restaurant.  We had close to 70 people attend, which is a great testament to the community we are building here at ATI.

We were celebrating not only the holidays, but also the many achievements our companies have had had since the last time we had a happy hour a few months ago.  A short list of some of those accomplishments will be in an upcoming ‘last quarter review’ post by Isaac Barchas, our executive director.  Now for some pictures:

ATI-holiday-party-1From left to right: Isaac Barchas, ATI director, Leslie Daniel (ATC), Chris Marich (Savara), Julie Huls (ATC)

ATI-holiday-party-2From left to right: Craig Varrichio (CMNA Power), Rick Hahn (Trinity Thermal), Paul Bundschuh (Ideal Power Converters)