Current Portfolio

Here's a look at our current member companies.


AdBm Technologies

Low-cost noise-abatement technology for marine environments.

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Admittance Technologies

Algorithms and associated hardware that enhance the performance of existing cardiac devices (e.g., heart failure diagnosis, pacemaker ‘tuning’).


Aeglea BioTherapeutics

Aeglea BioTherapeutics is developing novel engineered human enzyme drug candidates that selectively target and inactivate amino acids required in tumorigenesis.

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Alafair Biosciences

Advanced post-surgical adhesion barrier. First application: tendon repair.

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Appsoma offers a software development workflow designed to make writing scientific data analysis methods easy. This is coupled with a portable execution engine which can run customer-built data analysis jobs on any cloud, including in-house servers.



Development of microRNA-based treatments of human obesity by specifically targeting peripheral white and brown adipose tissues.



Bractlet accurately forecasts savings from energy efficiency projects allowing for more projects to get funded and executed.


Capstone Metering

Intelligent water meters for the smart grid.

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Circle Media

SaaS platform for live events that allows clients and their agencies to design mobile and digital engagement strategies.

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Curtana Pharmaceuticals

Preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing small molecule therapeutics for cancer stem cells in the central nervous system for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and other brain cancers.


Cyfeon Solutions

Multi-sourced, data analytics and action platform targeting financial services.



Decentralized, scalable, and secure SAAS middleware enabling sustainable energy solutions for electric vehicles, buildings and microgrids.



Intelligent retail analytics and in-store marketing platform based on facial recognition and demographic biometrics.



SaaS platform for B2B channel marketing automation.

JR ThermalJ R Thermal

JR Thermal develops novel technologies for heat transfer and thermal energy.

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Lumos Pharmaceuticals

Lumos Pharma is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing a treatment for Creatine Transporter Deficiency (CTD) patients and their families.


Lung Therapeutics

Developing treatments for niche, orphan drug indications for which there is no effective therapeutic option. First application: pleural disease.



Social media platform connecting supply chain managers and suppliers.



Suite of internet-based weather risk management tools targeting supply chain and logistics dependent customers.

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Proprietary algorithms that allow real time monitoring of oil and CO2 flow without shutting down production; reducing waste and downtime in the enhanced oil recovery market.

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Spot On Sciences

Spot On Sciences, Inc. develops and markets innovative medical devices that revolutionize collection and storage of biological fluids for diagnostic testing and medical research.


Structured Polymers

Novel inks for 3D printers using technology that expands the polymer ink library from less than 10 to more than 1,000.

The Magazine Channel

The Magazine Channel

Magazines made just for you. Their first product, STACKS, pulls niche content from different magazines into easy-to-navigate topics that fit your interests.


Water Lens

Water Lens is a patented and patent-pending system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that can be performed at the well site.


Wetzel Engineering

Wetzel Engineering manufactures advanced-technology wind turbine blades as replacement blades for rapidly aging utility-scale wind turbines. The technology is being developed with its sister company Wetzel Engineering, Inc.



Zpeg offers better video compression using the human visual system.