Brown Hawk Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Brown Hawk Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions in the oilfield

The Austin Technology Incubator is pleased to announce Brown Hawk Technologies as a new addition to its client portfolio. Brown Hawk Technologies provides oilfield operators a cost efficient and effective method of measuring oil, water, and gas at every wellhead as a first step to mitigating methane emissions.

Global Effects of Methane

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that traps heat more effectively than carbon dioxide. The gas is emitted by a variety of activities, with the largest US contribution (31%) coming from oil and gas development. Since pure natural gas is mostly methane, emissions occur when it is flared or leaks. The source of this gas is at each wellhead, which means deploying reliable and accurate wellhead monitoring tools is a critical first step to reducing the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry.

The Brown Hawk Multiphase Flow Meter

The Brown Hawk Multiphase Flow Meter (BH-MPFM) is a compact, easily installed solution to the emissions measurement problem which also improves production economics. The BH-MPFM adds intelligence to every wellhead, enabling key insights to improve sustainability while enhancing operations. “We believe that to be truly effective in helping the oil and gas industry lower its greenhouse gas emissions, our technology must also help reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of oil and gas production, making it both a strategic environmental and economic choice for producers,” said Perisa Brown, VP Business Development, Brown Hawk Technologies.

Brown Hawk Technologies : ATI Relationship

“We’re excited to join ATI; we believe this partnership will help us build our business and expand the reach of our brand and product,” added Brown. As a member of the Austin Technology Incubator, Brown Hawk Technologies will be able to leverage ATI’s strategic relationships and extensive network of expert mentors. “We look forward to working with the Brown Hawk Technologies team and supporting their important mission to reduce the environmental impact of the oil and gas sector,” said Erin Keys, Director of Sustainability at the Austin Technology Incubator.

About Brown Hawk Technologies

Brown Hawk began as a research and development subsidiary of its parent company, PACER Corporation, an aerospace and defense consulting company that specializes in predictive analytics for the military and NASA. After learning about the wellhead measurement difficulties that oil and gas producers face, the team created the Brown Hawk Multiphase Flow Meter (BH-MPFM). The BH-MPFM allows operators to take the first step towards mitigating their methane emissions while providing crucial insight into the performance of each well. Brown Hawk’s mission is to help the oil and gas industry reduce its environmental impact while lowering operating and maintenance costs. For more information, please visit or email Perisa Brown at