Botany Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

Botany Joins the Austin Technology Incubator

The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) is pleased to announce Botany as the newest addition to its Food and Agtech portfolio. Botany is out to enable the next generation of healthy, plant-based meat alternatives that taste and perform more like real meat. Botany’s mission is to create a more sustainable food supply and to drive the long-term sustainability of our planet.

Enabling the next generation of plant-based meat alternatives

Accelerating new product development will require the exploration of novel sources of proteins that are healthier and can deliver a better sensory experience. To that end, their team is building an AI engine to help explore the natural world of plant proteins and better understand nutrient density as well as flavor and texture at a molecular level. Botany’s AI engine, DeepVision AI, is a deep tech AI that discovers, catalogs, and indexes new sources of plant proteins in everyday food crops, allowing the company to identify the appropriate proteins for new product applications.

“In order to create the next generation of plant-based meat alternatives we need proteins that are better optimized to deliver the same sensory experience that you get when eating meat”, says Charles Dykes, chief executive officer and co-founder of Botany. “The industry has done an amazing job of creating very convincing burger analogs, but we are barely scratching the surface of what is possible.”

The Botany : ATI relationship

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ATI,” Dykes goes on to say, “With a 30 year history of helping bring to market breakthrough innovations in science and biotechnology, ATI is a hand and glove fit for Botany.” As a member of ATI, Botany will be able to leverage ATI’s strategic relationships across the Austin ecosystem and The University of Texas at Austin’s deep expertise in AI, along with ATI’s extensive network of expert mentors and funding sources. “The experience, passion and vision of Botany’s founding team, combined with the timeliness of their solution in light of the pandemic’s impact on our food system, is exactly what ATI is designed to support,” said Erin Keys, director of ATI’s Sustainability incubator.

About Botany

Botany is working to better understand the world of plant proteins in order to mimic any meat using plant molecules through DeepVision AI, a deep tech AI helping us discover new sources of plant-based proteins.

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