Atlas Regeneration Technologies joins ATI

Atlas Regeneration Technologies joins ATI

Internet of things comes to water technology

The Austin Technology Incubator is pleased to announce Atlas Regeneration Technologies, based in El Paso, TX, as the newest addition to its Water portfolio. Atlas Regeneration Technologies has developed an electrical sensor that enables real-time detection of water quality that improves reliability of water treatment equipment and reduces negative impacts from waste discharges.

Hard Water is a Global Problem for the Environment

The company’s vision is to change the paradigm of salt-regenerated water softening by introducing a new method for determining when a softener needs to be regenerated. Spent brine (salt) used in the water softener regeneration process creates an environmental issue as the salt discarded into sewers makes its way into rivers and the water supply. Current methods of initiating softeners are inefficient, expensive, or time-consuming. Status quo online hardness analyzers use chemical reagents and rely on expensive technology that utilizes batch processing. Monitoring hardness continuously is essential else it can cause equipment problems to go undetected until treatment equipment breaks down.

Increasing Water Softener Efficiency – Improving Water Treatment Reliability

Atlas Regeneration’s patented device was invented at The University of Texas at El Paso and is exclusively licensed to Atlas. Their IoT sensor is on track to create a competitive advantage for OEM softener companies and service providers by providing real time information to improve how softeners operate, upgrading regeneration efficiency and monitoring softener operations in an eco-friendly manner.

“Our Atlas Regen sensor detects low concentrations of hardness ions in softened water and can be used to make water softeners more reliable and operate more efficiently. While the immediate impact of the hardness sensor is a novel way of detecting when a water softener needs regeneration, the sensor can be used by the water softener industry to create market differentiation,” said Malynda Cappelle, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Atlas Regeneration Technologies. The Atlas sensor will help service companies and original equipment manufacturers improve sales and profitability. Less frequent regenerations will reduce salt (and water) costs and the quantity of salt being discharged into river systems.

Atlas : ATI Relationship

Josh Ladd, co-founder and board member for Atlas Regeneration Technologies expressed his support of the ATI partnership by saying: “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with ATI. Leveraging ATI’s contacts, know how, and proven ability to facilitate go to market strategies will help accelerate Atlas into the marketplace.” As a member of the Austin Technology Incubator, Atlas Regeneration Technologies will be able to tap ATI’s strategic relationships and extensive network of expert mentors. “We look forward to working with the Atlas team to support their important efforts to reduce the impact of hard water on the environment,” said Erin Keys, Director of Sustainability at the Austin Technology Incubator.

About Atlas Regeneration Technologies

Atlas Regeneration Technologies produces easy-to-use, cost-effective sensors for the detection of calcium and other ions in water. The company aspires to change the paradigm of salt-regenerated water softening by introducing a new method for determining when a softener needs to be regenerated. Atlas’ suite of sensors will allow real-time detection of water quality, improve reliability of water treatment equipment, and reduce negative impacts from waste discharges. For more information, please visit: