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ATI Water RIOT: Water Resiliency with Internet of Things

America’s water infrastructure, largely built in the first half of the 20th century, is falling apart. Fixing the water problem – repairing old infrastructure, and creating new sources and distribution systems to support growth – is a defining economic problem of this century. It is also hugely expensive. Estimates of the cost to fix existing water infrastructure on the order of trillions of dollars. This astronomical cost presents a dilemma: economic growth could be jeopardized if big capital project are pursued, but economic growth could also be jeopardized as water systems begin to fail due to lack of repair.

The solution is to step-change the cost dynamics of water by applying technology, specifically “Internet of Things” (IOT) solutions – software, sensors, communications, analytics, automation, etc. – to our last-century water sector.

To address these issues, we are fostering an ecosystem of water technology innovation in Central Texas to provide resiliency to our water systems by incorporating internet of things technologies. We are calling this initiative Water RIOT (Water Resiliency with Internet of Things). Water RIOT is accomplishing this goal by bringing together water utilities, water researchers, IOT technologists, start-ups, and other stakeholders to spark collaboration and accelerated technology diffusion. Specifically, Water RIOT’s three focus areas are:

  1. Innovation identification and commercialization: leverage university partners and other sources of breakthrough innovation
  2. Incubation: cultivate breakthrough innovations into scalable companies funded by the private capital markets
  3. Demonstration: create technology test, validation, and demonstration resources to allow proof-of-concept development for the scaling enterprises

Water RIOT is funded by a three year grant through the U.S. Economic Development Agency (EDA), as well support through partnerships with other local entities.

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Water RIOT is looking to forge connections with stakeholders across Texas. Please contact us πŸ“§ if you are interested in engaging with us to discuss your specific water-related pain points, water and/or IOT research or technology, or ways to get involved.

Interested in bringing your water and/or IOT startup to the Austin Technology Incubator? Fill out our application form!

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