“What I Learned at ATI” Iva Paleckova

Now for the next profile in our new series Intern Experiences: “What I learned at ATI”

Iva Paleckova came to ATI as an intern in the spring of 2010. Iva worked with a number of member companies, including Notice Technologies – the makers of Lasso. She also worked on ATI’s social media and marketing. Iva is currently a second year MBA student at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. A few months after Iva ‘graduated’ from ATI in June 2010, she went on starting her own company providing online resale services (  Iva had this to say about her time here at ATI:

I have always liked marketing and entrepreneurship, which is why I chose to attend UT’s MBA program. But until Spring 2010, I had not had a chance to put what I had learned in school into any practical applications. At ATI, I was given the wonderful and vital opportunity to work on several different projects with entrepreneurs. I started first on several small projects with one of our member companies, and managed ATI’s social media and blogging. I then went onto a research project about liquidity in Texas. The goal of this project was to guide our entrepreneurs through the process of selling a company, while avoiding all negative ramifications that could come as a result of doing so.

I think an internship at ATI is the best thing that can happen to a business student with an interest in entrepreneurship. ATI provides a rich learning environment for UT students, and there are plenty of opportunities to attend meetings, Lunch & Learns, and learn a great deal about a variety of entrepreneurship-related topics. One is also given the opportunity to discuss issues with entrepreneurs and do hands-on research as well. My internship at ATI helped me gain a lot of valuable knowledge that is necessary to start a successful company.