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Vortex Systems in the News

Austin Technology Incubator member company, Vortex Systems, is making waves in the agricultural industry with its revolutionary GS Vortex Flow Amplifier. The company’s recent interview with FarmProgress has shed light on the innovative technology and its potential to transform agricultural irrigation systems.

 In the interview, Avi Ghosh, co-founder and CEO of GS Vortex Systems, and Paul Schmidt, director of engineering, detailed the groundbreaking features of the GS Vortex Flow Amplifier, emphasizing its ability to increase water flow and distance in irrigation pipes. This comes at a crucial time when farmers are grappling with water scarcity and escalating pumping costs.

 “The GS Vortex Flow Amplifier creates a pre-rotation and a post-rotation, akin to the movement of a tornado. This optimizes water flow, significantly reducing friction along the sides of the pipe and enabling up to 50% higher flow in existing pipes,” explained Ghosh.

 The FarmProgress interview highlighted the device’s simplicity and cost-effectiveness, allowing farmers to easily install it themselves at the terminal delivery point within the pipe. With no moving parts, the passive design ensures minimal maintenance while delivering permanent improvements to the irrigation system’s overall performance.

 Farmers using closed-loop systems can particularly benefit from the Vortex Flow Amplifier, experiencing a substantial 30% reduction in energy consumption. The device’s potential for both energy savings and enhanced productivity has garnered attention and acclaim.

 The GS Vortex Flow Amplifier has undergone extensive testing over 30 months with farmers primarily in Texas and Oregon. While currently accessible, the company is actively seeking more farmers nationwide to conduct trials on their unique irrigation systems.

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