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ATI’s Student Startup Accelerator SEAL to Host 7th Decision Day

2014 SEAL Decision Day is Going Virtual

With this year’s SEAL Decision Day rapidly approaching on September 10th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm Central, let’s look back at the history of the Austin Technology Incubator’s student startup program. SEAL, Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration & Launch, is now going into its 7th year. It has incubated 42 companies and mentored over 100 student entrepreneurs. The main objective for these student ventures over the summer incubation tenure is to derive a keep or kill decision, ultimately assessing the viability of their product in their proposed market.

            To date, 1/3 of the SEAL companies raised capital of $12 million, 1/3 bootstrapped their way to success, and 1/3 decided to kill their business. Some of the more notable SEAL companies include Ordoro, M87, Lynx Labs, and Clay.IO. Ordoro, a fulfillment management software and systems for small-medium e-retailers, and M87, a multihop wireless solutions for bandwidth and battery improvement, were both part of the 2010 SEAL class. Together they have raised over $6 million to date. Lynx Labs a member of the 2012 SEAL class creates ultra-fast, ultra-accurate 3D imaging. Most recently, Clay.IO, a 2013 SEAL company, created a marketplace and tools for game developers and raised close to half a million in funding while continuing to grow.

This year, the ATI SEAL program is excited to showcase its 11 companies in a new virtual Decision Day. Everyone (as long as you have internet) is able to live stream the event starting at 6:30 PM on September 10th.  To learn more about what the SEAL program is click here. Below is a list of this year’s companies:


Basedrive ( syncs and backs-up companies’ mission-critical data. The team is led by a cross-disciplinary team of UT undergrad students studying Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Finance.

edMosphere ( built a software solution providing real-time data from the classroom and home allowing teachers to customize their programs and schools to more effectively address bullying issues. EdMosphere is led by Lorna Hermosa, a Ph.D. candidate from the UT College of Education.

Homenity ( is bringing transparency in pricing and risk to project-based home renovation. Homenity is led by a second-year UT MBA student at The McCombs School of Business and winner of the 2014 McCombs Entrepreneurship summer fellowship.

Hrvst ( redefines how individuals and average investors can maximize investment returns. HRVST is led by recent graduates of the technology commercialization program at UT’s McCombs School of Business.

Insight is a company bringing context-aware interactions to retail stores. Insight is led by Jon Scherr, a first-year MBA student at The McCombs School of Business and winner of the Texas Venture Labs Scholarship for entrepreneurship. 

Scalar Security ( is the meeting place for the CEO and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Scalar Security is led by Charlie Leonard, a second-year MBA student at The McCombs School of Business.

Bio/Health Sciences

Accordion Health ( is empowering individuals to make financially sound healthcare decisions. The team is a diverse group of data scientists, engineers, doctors, and designers. 

Spindrift – Spindrift Therapeutics is a medical device company that combines particle engineering technologies and aerosol science to produce advanced ocular clinical solutions. Our first product is a novel ocular aerosol drug delivery device that provides a soft, accurately aerosolized medicinal agent to the ocular surface.

Clean Energy

BlueField is developing a new pyrolysis process that eliminates non-recyclable plastics, known as Category 7, from landfills by transforming them into oil. The team is comprised of recent graduates of the Technology Commercialization program at UT’s McCombs School of Business.

Everywhere Energy ( harnesses the kinetic energy exerted while walking to charge small devices through a shoe insert. Everywhere Energy is led by a team of undergrads from UT’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Plasmatronycs is commercializing a high efficiency, small-scale, mobile waste to energy system. The team is comprised of recent graduates of the technology commercialization program at The McCombs School of Business.

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