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RideScout wins Just Transit SF challenge award

ridescout-logoATI alumni company RideScout, maker of a mobile app that offers real-time information on transportation options, has won a Just Transit San Francisco challenge award for its partnership with California transportation advocacy group TransForm.

RideScout and TransForm will pilot targeted financial incentives to shift riders’ transportation choices in San Francisco. These incentives will aim to grow transit ridership, particularly among disadvantaged communities, while better optimizing existing transportation infrastructure. The team plans to conduct extensive community engagement and public outreach to help shape the project and ensure it meets the needs of SF communities.

“RideScout is honored to receive the Just Transit SF award,” said Vice President of Enterprise Product Beaudry Kock. “Wherever RideScout works, our goal is always to make a positive impact on our community. Thanks to Just Transit SF and the support of our partners at TransForm, we’ll be enhancing the transit experience for communities across San Francisco, and hopefully delivering some valuable energy and emissions savings in the process.”

Competition award recipients will increase access to reliable, cost-effective, and lower-carbon transportation options, leverage existing infrastructure, and partnering with local organizations to implement the project by November 2017 in San Francisco. Competition judges have expertise in the San Francisco public and private transportation sector, on social and economic justice issues, and on climate change mitigation.
Read the press release here.