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Ravel Acquired by W2O Group

ATI member company Ravel, founded in 2010, is an enterprise-grade solutions company that derives hidden insights from big data. Yesterday, Ravel announced that it has been acquired by W2O Group, an independent network of complementary marketing, communications, and research and development firms. The purchase price of the acquisition was not disclosed.

W2O Group is acquiring Ravel’s big data analytics technology and pending patents, as well its founding team. Steve Blackmon, Ravel co-founder and VP Engineering, will be appointed as the new Director of Data Sciences at W2O Group. Zach Richardson, Ravel co-founder and VP Product, joins The Daily Dot, the hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web, as its first CTO. The entire Ravel development team will join W2O Group as full-time employees.

Blackmon and Richardson, with support from W2O Group and The Daily Dot, will continue to develop Ravel’s GoldenOrb, as directors of a not-for-profit to which all GoldenOrb intellectual property will be donated. GoldenOrb is a cloud-based open source project for massive-scale graph analysis, built upon best-of-breed software from the Apache Hadoop project modeled after Google’s Pregel architecture.

Ravel co-founder Bart Bohn was ATI’s information technology and wireless director from 2007 to 2011. He was also a founding mentor and board member of 3 Day Startup, MobileMondayAustin and Semantic Web Austin.

Ravel is the latest ATI software company to be acquired by a large competitor, joining other successful ATI alumni exits, such as IBM’s acquisition of Lombardi Software and BMC’s acquisition of Phurnace.

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