One Student One Startup

One Student One Startup is a new initiative by the Austin Technology Incubator to expand our already impactful ATI student internship program and engage even more students in hands-on entrepreneurship.

ATI welcomes your support for this valuable student program. Make your tax-deductible contribution now.

Benefits for the student

  • Move education beyond grades to actual real-world impact
  • Gain hands-on startup immersion experience
  • Assist startup to address real-world issues and implement real-world solutions
  • Build student business network for career-long benefit
ATI Student Associates

“My whole career has been thanks to ATI… It’s been a fun ride! Thanks to ATI for exposing me to this amazing industry!”
– Helen Brauner, Senior Director at 7X Energy, Inc., and former ATI Student Associate

Benefits for the startup

  • Students’ targeted expertise frees entrepreneurs to finish more in less time
  • Engages new perspectives and expertise
  • Infuses passion and energy to develop:
    • Customer discovery and validation
    • Competitive analysis
    • Marketing, financial and operational plans
    • Investor and technical presentations

“The really hard problems take a long time, but that network, whether it’s The University of Texas, or the City of Austin, or Austin Energy, or the students that work for me as interns, that I was once at ATI, that network – building and maintaining that – is really critical for solving big problems.”
– Amy George, Founder & CEO at Earthly Labs, ATI portfolio company

Hear what former students say

How you can help

Take the next step and make your impact on the lives of young entrepreneurs by donating today.

The Austin Technology Incubator is the deep tech incubator of The University of Texas at Austin but gets funded outside of the university. ATI’s funding sources have included the City of Austin, the State of Texas, federal grants, corporate sponsorships, company exits, and philanthropic donations – funding that has helped support ATI’s economic impact over the last 30 years.

Consider a tax-deductible contribution for the “next 30 years” of ATI to support its ongoing commitment to continuing education and training of University of Texas students in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship as we assist deep tech startups commercialize their breakthrough solutions to address the world’s greatest challenges.