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Minimus Spine On Spine Blogger


Member company Minimus Spine was recently mentioned by the highly reputable and followed blogger called The Spine Blogger.  It was a huge credibility booster for Minimus!

The post is called Ozone Therapy: Is this the Silver Bullet for Herniated Disc? Check it out!

About Minimus Spine:

Each year in the United States there are approximately one million patients that try steroid injections to relieve the pain associated with a disc herniation in their lower back.  Another 250,000 patients have exhausted non-surgical treatment and opt for surgery.  Minimus Spine believes that it can benefit these patients with a single injection and reduce the number of patients that ultimately need surgery.

We at Minimus Spine are developing ozone injection technology for spinal applications.  Ozone has been used to treat disc herniations in Europe for over 15 years and there are over 20 peer-reviewed papers documenting over 8,000 patients.  We are working to improve the existing technology and responsibly commercialize this novel therapy in the United States.  This will involve rigorous clinical trials conducted by spine surgeons and interventional radiologists.  The study will seek to confirm that an injection of ozone into a herniated disc is safe and effective.  The results of these trials will be submitted to FDA for marketing approval.  Currently, ozone cannot be legally marketed for medical application in the U.S.

This product is not yet available but efforts are being made to begin clinical trials in 2010.  Check back periodically for more information.

We hope to improve patient care and believe that we can save the health care system billions of dollars each year on unnecessary injections and surgeries.