Here comes the sun?


Here comes the sun?

Well, was that ever a tough year!  Capital markets melted down, customers went into lock-down mode, and many of us (and our investors) lost a big chunk of our personal net worth.  The entrepreneurial ecosystem just seemed to freeze up.

Just recently, though, I see the ice is slowly melting.  ATI companies are getting wins again, in bunches.  Some examples from the past few weeks:

  • Terapio raised a $5 million series A.
  • Savara closed their own A round above their target.
  • Notice Technologies and InXero signed major first customers.
  • eVapt was acquired (the first exit we’ve seen in quite some time!)

In addition to these wins in the private markets, ATI companies continue to compete successfully for public dollars.  This quarter:

We also admitted a number of very exciting new companies in the second half of the year.  We will be highlighting some of them in future newsletters and on this blog.

I’m not ready to say “it’s alright,” yet.  I don’t think any of us know what the economy is going to do.  Moreover, after more than a year of freeze, a number of our companies face urgent challenges.

But I have been seeing smiles returning to a lot more faces around here.  Maybe the momentum has shifted and the sun really is coming out again.  Let’s hope so!

Happy New Year,