Welcome To ATI’s New Blog!

barchas-isaacATI is first and foremost a community.  So, we have decided to increase our use of social media – this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools – to extend that community.  We want to take advantage of the interactive nature of social media to enrich our understanding of where we should take ATI in the future.

Most posts here will come from ATI directors.  I expect that the posts will be a mix of perspectives on entrepreneurship generally and on industry-specific issues.  (I can already feel one coming on from Bart Bohn, our wireless and IT director, about the bloodbath he saw at SEMICON West in San Francisco last week.)  Your feedback will help us shape the content.

The blog will also let us get ATI news out at a higher velocity than is possible in our newsletter.  In fact, this initial post lets me do just that.  In our July newsletter, I had mentioned that Melissa Rabeaux, our head of marketing and communications, had gone in for breast cancer surgery last week.  I received dozens of emails expressing support and asking how she was doing.   The answer:  very well.  The surgery was successful, and she is feeling a lot better now that she’s had a few days to recover.  She’s also had tremendous support from friends and family, including some members of her extended family here at ATI.  (Expect a separate blog post from Jessica Hanover, director of Bioscience, on the ATI team participating in Mamma Jamma, an October charity bike ride, in Melissa’s honor.)

Lastly, a shout out to Aruni Gunasegaram, our director of operations, and Laura Benold, our marketing associate: the two of them are the impetus behind our move into social media in general and this blog in particular.  Thanks, team!

Isaac Barchas
Executive Director