Four Companies Emerge from ATI-hosted 3 Day Startup

The following blogpost was written by Melissa Rabeaux, ATI’s Marketing Communications Manager.


Over the weekend, 42 students from a variety of disciplines participated in 3 Day Start Up Spring 2010, a sleep deprived, super-charged, idea-to-company-creation mini-camp. 9 brainstorming teams were formed with 12 ideas pitched internally to the group. 6 ideas emerged from the heap but 2 were killed during the wee hours. 4 “companies” were officially born on Sunday and were presented to an audience of corporate executives, angel investors and academic leadership.

The final four pitches included:

Clippy – short form video solution

Cinch – Meal recommender application

Inkvox – SaaS creativity platform

Shark – swimming analytics solution

When asked what she thought of the 3DS experience, Celeste Mejia, economics major and consumer of 6 Red Bull energy drinks, said, “Oh! I loved it. It is sort of like getting a mini-MBA in one weekend. It is incredible of what ideas the group came up with in three days. There are super creative people out there and all they need is the right environment, the right tools and right people. 3 Day Start Up provided all of those and more. It was a blast!”

The 3 Day Start Up Fall 2010 in the works. Student entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. For more information and highlights from the weekend, visit

*3 Day Start Up Factoid: Over 24 cases of Red Bull energy drinks were consumed over the weekend.