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Tubular Network at the Tech Startup Showcase, part of the program at the EnergyTech for All Summit

Empowering the EnergyTech Community: Highlights from the EnergyTech for All Summit

The Austin Technology Incubator and Austin Community College District proudly presented the EnergyTech for All Summit on November 2, 2023, at ACC Highland. This groundbreaking event was dedicated to forging a more inclusive and sustainable future in the EnergyTech sector.

Our summit’s primary focus was to generate opportunities for a wide range of innovators within the EnergyTech industry. We were thrilled to gather idea people, innovators, and visionary companies who shared a commitment to serving all communities. Attendees enjoyed enlightening talks, thought-provoking panel discussions, and dynamic speed mentoring sessions that aimed to empower innovation and drive change in the EnergyTech landscape.

The event was proudly sponsored by the Austin Technology Incubator and the Austin Community College District, with Husch Blackwell as the lunch sponsor and the State Energy Conservation Office as the technical sponsor, making it a must-attend event for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. To learn more about the HB Communities for Change Program, visit

During the EnergyTech for All Summit, attendees were treated to insightful discussions and talks by industry experts and thought leaders. The event began with welcome remarks from Rebecca Taylor, the Interim Executive Director of the Austin Technology Incubator, and Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, the Executive Vice Chancellor of Operations and Public Affairs at the Austin Community College District.

Rev. Dr. Daisy L. Machado, Executive Director of the Hispanic Summer Program, delivered an impactful keynote speech emphasizing the significance of progress in bridging the energy gap and empowering communities.

Machado said “That the important work that is being done and needs to be done in the area of sustainable energy cannot be separated from the work for justice and the need to include ethical values in the projects being developed. This kind of collaborative/interdisciplinary approach will lead the way to the healing of our Pachamama.”

The Summit included a panel discussing innovative solutions in energy technology, shedding light on the future direction of the industry. Richard Adams, CEO of Warralong Group, Dr. MJ Yan, CTO of Yan Engines, and Amy George, President of Earthly Labs (A Chart Industries Company), contributed valuable insights to the discussion.

Adams said “It was a pleasure to be able to join the EnergyTech for All Summit in Austin. Events like this that share knowledge and information on the important topic of addressing climate change and its associated challenges are critical to the messaging and solutions for the clean energy future we all desire.”

Additionally, the event featured an engaging fireside chat that explored strategies for navigating the energy policy landscape and expanding access. Lynn Sherman, Attorney/Consultant at Lynn Sherman Law Firm and Consulting, and Dakota Parish, Associate at Husch Blackwell, provided valuable insights during the discussion.

Another significant panel centered on driving community engagement in ClimateTech initiatives, with discussions led by Anissa Rodriguez Dickerman, CEO of Pecan Street; Michael Ward Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Austin Urban Technology Movement; and Preston James, Co-Founder/CEO of DivInc.

We were excited to have the participation of 14 Community Partners, 8 esteemed mentors at the Speed Mentoring Event, and 3 innovative tech startups at Innovation Alley. Tubular Network also provided an exclusive tour of their demo unit, offering attendees a firsthand look at their cutting-edge technology.

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