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Daimler’s RideScout Merges, Forms Moovel North America

Former ATI Company RideScout merges with GlobeSherpa to Conquer Urban Transportation

Fortune magazine reports that former ATI company RideScout, acquired by Daimler 2014, has merged with Portland-based GlobeSherpa to form Moovel North America LLC.

The newly formed company, which will have offices in Austin and Portland, will focus on connecting people to public and alternative transportation options in North American cities through two products: Moovel transit and RideTap.

The Moovel transit platform, which is based off the platform GlobeSherpa developed, lets users find and securely pay for transit tickets from participating public transit authorities. The platform also taps into the rest of the transportation system in a city—services like bike sharing and on-demand car services—that people often use to travel to a train or bus or that last mile back home. Moovel Transit currently works with 16 transit agencies in 11 North American cities and processes more than $5 million in ticket sales per month.

RideTap is a software development kit that developers can put on their own app to access a network of live transportation options. For instance, a hotel reservation app can install RideTap to let users find nearby ride options, including car2go and Lyft. RideTap can be added to any other third-party app with a few lines of code.

RideScout joined ATI’s Clean Energy Incubator in June 2013.