Water & Food

Building on ATI's Water Technology Incubator (launched in 2015), ATI works with companies commercializing technologies that have significant direct or indirect positive impacts on water sources, distribution systems, treatment, and consumptive uses. We cover the spectrum from source quality monitoring and protection technologies to end-user water conservation and everything in between.

We also work with a similar breadth of companies in the food sector: from innovations in plant genetics to improve yield and advanced agricultural production systems to reduce resource consumption, to improving distribution and logistics to reduce waste as food travels from farm to customer. We are looking for technology-driven companies across the food chain that are working to help create an abundant and sustainable food future.

In addition to our portfolio of water-related companies, ATI is the home of Water RIOT (Water Resiliency with Internet of Things). Water RIOT brings together water utilities, water researchers, IOT technologists, start-ups, and other stakeholders to spark collaboration and accelerated technology diffusion. Learn more

Big Wheelbarrow

Big Wheelbarrow

Big Wheelbarrow connects wholesale food buyers with local farmers.

EGP Eco logo


EGP Eco’s environmentally-friendly, patented technologies make water work more efficiently. Our products save money, resources, time, and lives by reducing the water needed for construction, irrigation, and fire extinguishment.


Environmental Quality Operations

EQO offers a flagship zebra mussel monitoring and detection service.

Genesis Systems

Genesis Systems

Genesis Systems is developing the next generation in unlimited sustainable water resource technology.

H2Optimize / Hydroid Smart Water Meter

H2Optimize / Hydroid

Hydroid Smart Water Meter saves money, conserves water and protects your property from water damage.


Shower Stream

Shower Stream is a smart shower system for hotels and commercial buildings designed to reduce their water and energy costs.

Pre-incubation portfolio

Leaf & Flour

Leaf & Flour

Leaf & Flour’s process turns distillery by-products into flour for food production.


The University of Texas at Austin

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