Transportation & Mobility

ATI works with technology innovators across the mobility spectrum to reimagine the circulation of people and goods. Some of the spaces we are looking into include electrification, security, predictive analysis, connected car, logistics, and telematics. Of course, we are open to any technology breaking new ground around mobility and intersecting industries including transportation, smart city, energy, supply chain, travel, freight, trucking, and flying vehicles.

Member companies

New Dominion Enterprises (NDE)

New Dominion Enterprises

Inorganic electrolytes for safer and more durable lithium batteries.

Pre-incubation portfolio



FlightX is an electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) startup, which has been established to develop and provide sustainable urban air mobility solutions.

Texas Guadaloop


Guadaloop has designed, built and tested a Hyperloop pod that levitates utilizing air bearing technology.

Alumni companies

Yan Engines


Austin Energy Austin Technology Council BP Center for Transportation Research General Motors Rocky Mountain Institute TiE Austin