Our Development Portfolio centers around businesses that were either founded by University of Texas students and faculty, or are based around intellectual property owned by the University.

Faculty at The University of Texas at Austin are continuously changing the world by commercializing their research.

What are some of the resources that support faculty innovations?

Students across The University of Texas at Austin have access to business-building resources.

What are some of the resources to support current students with their ideas and research?

Are you a University of Texas Alum looking to mentor student entrepreneurs?

Are you a University of Texas Alum with a startup?

Austin Technology Incubator Office Hours

Are you working on an innovation that could change the world? ATI helps turn ideas into businesses.
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Austin Technology Incubator’s Annual Summer SEAL Program

The Austin Technology Incubator’s SEAL program facilitates an environment for student entrepreneurs to help answer the very important question: “Is there really a business here that justifies going all-in?”
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June through September

How It Works

The SEAL program facilitates contact with each company’s industry and the startup world by delivering coaching and mentoring by ATI Directors and industry advisors. Mentors help SEAL teams develop team-specific roadmaps and milestones while helping to break down business issues, perform primary research and vet conclusions and recommendations.
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