Clean Energy Venture Summit Winners for 2011:

Omni Water Solutions – Winner

Omni Water Solutions provides over 20 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and deploying water treatment solutions. With its revolutionary portable systems, Omni offers clean water solutions unparalleled in the industry.  The Omni platforms provide a synergistic approach to water treatment by using patent-pending Octozone© technology – a cascading set of interlocked devices linked with robust analytics and software. The result of this integrated intelligence is a dynamic platform which supplies clean water at an unprecedented rate. The capacity to treat the worst case water source is available as required, and only the necessary treatment is activated, which saves energy, water and maintenance. The Omni platforms are purchased ready to deploy the instant the need arises, an especially critical feature for natural disaster response at home or abroad.

Yan Engines – Finalist

Yan Engines’ D-Cycle changes 5 parts in existing 4-Stroke engines to produce 80% more fuel economy and 204% more torque, as prototype tested. This result demonstrates the potential of the technology to revolutionize the way we drive and positively impact the environment. Under a US DoD contract, retrofit designs are complete for the first engine platform, prototyping will begin Q4 2011 and then the company will look to commercialize with semi-trucks.

ActaCell – Finalist

ActaCell is developing the next generation high power lithium ion batteries for motive applications.  Their initial efforts are focused on commercializing materials development performed at The University of Texas at Austin. Their team of scientists and engineers are also working on future materials in both cathode and anode technologies.  With their R&D approach, they can offer next generation Li-Ion solutions by supplying completed cell and pack designs to interested customers.

Cleantech Open Winners for 2011:

1st: cycleWood Solutions

cycleWood Solutions, LLC is a green alternative plastic company, who are developing a biodegradable single-use shopping bag, the XyloBag, made primarily from lignin, the second most abundant organic material on Earth. The XyloBag will reduce landfill waste and the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic shopping bags that take up to a thousand years to break down. Government regulations and environmental awareness are moving the $8.6 billion US plastic bag market towards environmentally friendly alternatives. The XyloBag presents a profitable solution for a greener future.

2nd: Silicon Solar Solutions

Silicon Solar Solutions is an Arkansas-based start-up with a patent portfolio targeting the largest pain in the solar industry. The high cost of materials is limiting market adoption and manufacturers are seeking innovative methods to cut costs. The solution is to use less material and increase the power generated by solar cells. Their large grain polysilicon technology does exactly that and has applications in wafer-based and thin-film devices. Silicon Solar Solutions is commercializing a process to crystallize amorphous silicon into large grain polysilicon with unparalleled grain size and ease of processing. Compared to competing methods, our process has created grains 30X larger, at less than 1/2 the processing temperature, and in minutes instead of tens of hours. The process is protected by five issued patents with three additional patents pending. Prototype solar cells have been created that demonstrate our technology on a full sized device.

3rd: Smart Office Energy Solutions

Smart Office Energy Solutions reduces office energy consumption by up to 25% with an integrated solution of hardware, software and services that goes beyond the building to engage the people inside it. For utility-paying office occupants who wish to reduce their top office operational expense, Smart OES provides unparalleled payback periods of 1-2 years and portability to take their energy savings with them when they move locations. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Smart OES already has 21,000 watts of prototype product installed in paying customers and is raising funds to support full commercial launch, expected in the first half of 2012.


Thank you to all of the 2011 Clean Energy Venture Summit and 2011 Cleantech Open presenting companies.  If you are interested in finding out more about these companies, please visit for background and contact information.