ATI is committed to supporting early-stage ventures that show significant potential, but are still in the proof-of-concept phase or facing other various uncertainties. These companies are typically pre-seed and need further work towards de-risking.



Aztlán is a manufacturing company that preserves the environment with a “zero-impact” philosophy.

Kosmik Energy

Kosmik Energy combines optical fiber daylighting with a solar tracker for more light per system.
Sun Co. Tracking

Sun Co.

Sun Co.’s solar trackers drastically reduce cost through the use of shape memory alloys.

Food & AgTech

En Solución

En Solución improves food safety through development of novel methods for cleaning and sanitizing.


Simple Sample

Simple Sample is a stool collection, containment and disbursement device. It provides patients with an easier, less messy process to submit stool samples and protects samples from bio-contamination.



FlightX is an electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) startup, which has been established to develop and provide sustainable urban air mobility solutions.


Guadaloop has designed, built and tested a Hyperloop pod that levitates utilizing air bearing technology.
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