CleanTX Forum: Water/energy nexus means oncoming demands more alarming than we’d like to think


At June 2010’s CleanTX Forum, “Water: The Rush for Blue Gold,” a panel consisting of Steve Watzeck, strategy and chief marketing officer at GE Power and Water, Vincent Tidwell of Sandia National Laboratories, Tom Mason, general manager of LCRA, and Amy Hardberger, hydrologist at the Texas EDF office, gave four complementary perspectives on the alarming outlook for increased water and energy demand. After the panel, Watzeck said he was shocked by the amount of clean-tech innovation coming out of Austin, Texas.

Michael Webber, associate director of UT’s Center for International Energy and Policy and co-director of the ATI Clean Energy Incubator, moderated the discussion and Melissa Rabeaux, CleanTX executive director and ATI marketing manager, coordinated the event. The Austin Technology Incubator hosted the forum in the auditorium at UT’s West Pickle Research Center, where the ATI and many of its member companies office.