ATI welcomes Confirmed Consent, making informed consent efficient and effective

ATI welcomes Confirmed Consent, making informed consent efficient and effective

ATI is pleased to welcome Confirmed Consent as the newest addition to our healthcare portfolio. Confirmed Consent provides an effective way of obtaining informed consent for medical procedures. The main benefit of the Confirmed Consent process is a well researched and validated assessment designed to test the patient’s competence.

Electronic confirmation of patient consent

Confirmed Consent is dedicated to creating an efficient and effective, cloud-based, electronic informed consent platform that protects both patients and medical providers. The company assists in establishing and confirming a clear understanding between the patient and the provider regarding the medical procedure, the risks and benefits associated with the procedure, and possible alternative treatments.

Today, medical providers are compelled to obtain not only consent, but informed consent, showing that the patient understands the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure, and is choosing to proceed. Often patients feel overwhelmed as they are asked to complete the paperwork with insufficient time to review and fully understand all of the information provided.

Failure to obtain an effective informed consent can result in dissatisfaction for the patient, as well as legal implications for the providers. Dr. Sina Haeri, chief executive officer and co-founder of Confirmed Consent, says, “It is unacceptable, in this era of advancing technology, that we still use an archaic system of obtaining consent for medical procedures. Our goal in creating Confirmed Consent is to advocate for both parties and to develop a process that will lead to less confusion, improved communication, better understanding, and overall improvement in satisfaction for all parties involved.”

As a member of ATI, Confirmed Consent is looking forward to refining their business and commercialization strategy to scale their solution with the guidance of ATI’s network of expert mentors. Lisa McDonald, M.D., director of ATI’s Healthcare incubator, says, “There are many manual workflows within the healthcare space that have have not seen improvements in many years. It is always exciting to see how technology can be used in relatively simple ways to improve and streamline existing workflows and have a positive impact on patient education and outcomes.”

About Confirmed Consent

Confirmed Consent was founded in 2016 as a collaborative effort between a physician, a psychologist, and an attorney to create a standardized process which meets the historically established tenets of an informed consent. The goal was to provide a process which protects the interests of the patient by being standardized, free of coercion, and thorough, while benefiting the provider by confirming patient understanding, cognition, and competency in providing consent to proceed with the proposed procedure. Confirmed Consent has developed a working product with an initial user base. For more information, visit