You are currently viewing ATI Member Company HiPR Shines Bright at Techstars 2023 with plans to revolutionize the wheelchair industry
From left to right: Co-founders Krishan Sachdev & Koshilia Sachdev

ATI Member Company HiPR Shines Bright at Techstars 2023 with plans to revolutionize the wheelchair industry

In recognition of the exceptional journey undertaken by ATI’s portfolio company, HiPR Innovation, we extend our heartfelt congratulations for its outstanding achievements. We anticipate with great enthusiasm the transformative impact “The Feather” is poised to bring, significantly enhancing the quality of life of wheelchair users.
HiPR, a pioneering startup founded by UT Austin alumni siblings Krishan Sachdev and Koushalya (Koshilia) Sachdev, has captured a coveted spot in Techstars Healthcare Los Angeles. Amongst a global pool of contenders, HiPR was selected for its revolutionary approach to addressing pressure ulcers in wheelchair users. Partnered with Cedars-Sinai, United Healthcare, Point32 Health, and UC Irvine, HiPR stood out among 11 healthcare startups with diverse focuses ranging from maternal health to chronic disease management.
Driven by personal experience, HiPR Innovation has introduced “The Feather,” an intelligent, dynamic wheelchair cushion system aimed at preventing pressure ulcers. Its journey began at The University of Texas at Austin, where the siblings were inspired to make a tangible difference after witnessing the challenges faced by a family member. This drive led them to create a working prototype, file a patent application, and establish HiPR – all while being full-time undergraduate students.

TechStars groupThroughout its Techstars engagement, HiPR collaborated with manufacturers, providers, and investors to refine their go-to-market and fundraising strategies. Its participation culminated in an impactful in-person Demo Day at Google Spruce Goose during Andreessen Horowitz’s LA Tech Week. Pitch at TechstarsCEO Krishan Sachdev’s pitch marked the official opening of HiPR’s seed funding round, fueling their trajectory toward success.
With an imminent market entry within the next year, HiPR is in the process of raising a $1.2M seed round. This funding will pave the way for the final manufacturing phase and a compelling market launch. HiPR extends an invitation to potential investors within the UT and Austin communities to join them in this pivotal journey.