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ATI Kicks Off Ninth Annual SEAL Program

Kauffman_foundation_logoThe Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) kicked off its ninth annual Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) Program on June 1st at the IC2 Institute.

SEAL is an intensive, mentor-driven summer program during which student entrepreneurs tackle the biggest deal-killing questions of their ventures and determine whether their business idea is the right idea on which to concentrate their limited time, energy, and resources.

During the nine-week program, teams will work with individual mentors and attend weekly seminars led by startup veterans and industry leaders. The teams will use these resources to address the market needs they plan to fill, build a business plan, and ultimately decide whether to move forward with their current venture or take the insights they have gained and apply them to their next big idea.

The program will culminate with ATI’s SEAL Decision Day on August 15th, when the teams will pitch their ventures to investors, mentors, and the business community.

“SEAL is the most successful student entrepreneurship program in the country,” said ATI Executive Director Isaac Barchas. “We are excited to be able to expand our work with SEAL through our Kauffman Foundation grant at UT-Austin and nationwide.”

Through a grant from the Kauffman Foundation, ATI has been able to extend the SEAL program this year to universities outside UT-Austin. SEAL teams this year include groups from UT-San Antonio, Texas A&M, and Duke University.

Since 2009, two-thirds of SEAL graduate companies have successfully raised capital or bootstraped their companies to market. Previous SEAL teams include: Ordoro, M87, Lynx Labs, AdBm Technologies, Favor, and Accordion Health.

The SEAL 2016 class teams and descriptions:

  • AeroClay makes a type of open-cell, flame resistant foam primarily from a clay and polymer mixture that is created through an environmentally friendly freeze-drying process.
  • Apptronik specializes in high-performance robotic actuators, embedded electronics, and real-time control software.
  • Arborizor is developing medical devices for diagnostics.
  • CleanReach is developing molecular sensor technology designed to identify fecal contaminants in water.
  • Digit Medical is developing new analytical models of diagnostic questioning.
  • Kwest has created a platform to launch users out onto interactive, real-world adventures – offering up a unique and gamified way to explore a city.
  • PolitiFund provides campaigns with a simple way to collect large quantities of donations and the donor analytics they need, all with no upfront cost to the campaign.
  • r5 Automation uses data-centric automation and transparent and adaptable algorithms to automate drilling.
  • Recollect Energy manufactures thermoelectric generators that convert heat into electricity.
  • Rwedi-Water’s team from Argonne National Laboratory is developing an energy-efficient, low-cost separation technology that directly utilizes electricity to remove ions from aqueous streams.
  • Scepter Medical Devices is a biomedical startup company focused on the development of better vascular access technologies for use in dialysis, plasmapheresis, chemotherapy, drug delivery, parenteral nutrition, and other treatments requiring long-term blood access.
  • StrataMetis is launching Desperado, a parallel-computing software platform built to accelerate industry image processing solutions.
  • Texas Guadaloop, a team out of the UT-Austin MSTC program, is developing hyperloop transportation technology.
  • WASDplay has the goal of bringing esports and esports betting to everyone by producing the very best and latest in esports news, tips/tricks, guides and exclusive content so that anyone can be an esports and esports betting expert.
  • WAVVE is a global team dealing with the global problem of water contamination.
  • Wilder Systems is in the business of supplying automated tools to the aerospace industry that improve productivity and quality, seamlessly integrating into existing factory production lines.