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ATI Kicks Off Eighth Annual SEAL Program

On Tuesday ATI kicked off its eighth annual Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) Program at the IC2 Institute. Through the SEAL program, rather than focusing on how to make their current idea viable, student entrepreneurs will tackle the biggest deal-killing questions of their ventures to determine whether this is the right idea on which to concentrate their limited time, energy, and resources.
Over the 11-week program, the teams will work with individual mentors with years of business experience, and they will attend weekly seminars led by startup veterans and industry leaders. The teams will use these resources to address the market needs they plan to fill, build a business plan, and ultimately decide whether to move forward with their current venture or take the insights they have gained and apply them to their next big idea. The program culminates with ATI’s SEAL Decision Day on August 18th, where the teams pitch their ventures to investors, mentors, and the business community through a live webcast from the Google Fiber space.

This year’s class features teams from a variety of industries:

Austin Robotics
Austin Robotics produces robotic exoskeletons to assist patients with movement during physical therapy.

Disco Learning Media
Disco is an education technology company whose mission is to modernize textbooks.

Flipped Health
Flipped Health has developed AriVax ™, a drug delivery platform that improves vaccine stability, reduces waste, and enables delivery to emerging high-growth and underserved markets.

Guardian Sensor
Guardian Sensor has created wearable sensors for medical applications using a wireless, battery-free platform monitoring system based on epidermal sensing technology.

Lucelo Technologies
Lucelo is engineering a sustainable permanent power source using photovoltaics to enhance wireless connectivity and data acquisition from remote and mobile devices.

Penumbra Development
Penumbra Development has developed Tutor ™, an app bringing innovative solutions to after-school education, test preparation, and technological integration.

ProteanSeq is designing a novel integrated system for rapid, large-scale cataloguing of proteins in complex biological samples to detect and quantify proteins at low levels for applications in healthcare, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

YouRefund has created a service to enable foreign shoppers in the US to quickly and easily process sales tax rebates to encourage international commerce and deter fraud.