You are currently viewing ATI Graduate ClearCam Secures #hirelocal Award at Austin Chamber Business Awards
The ClearCam team at the the Austin Chamber Business Awards

ATI Graduate ClearCam Secures #hirelocal Award at Austin Chamber Business Awards

ClearCam, the renowned MedTech startup based in Austin, TX, has proudly received the distinguished #hirelocal award at the recent Austin Chamber Business Awards. The recognition serves as a testament to the remarkable dedication of the ClearCam team and their unwavering commitment to success. Chris Oddo, ClearCam’s CTO and Co-Founder and the key figure behind the nomination, was graciously acknowledged by the company for his pivotal support.

In light of this honor, ClearCam extends its heartfelt gratitude to the vibrant and talented Austin community, emphasizing the invaluable role it has played in their journey toward success. As a company deeply invested in the local ecosystem, ClearCam remains dedicated to fostering growth and supporting the #Austin community at every opportunity.

Known for its groundbreaking Kelling™ device, ClearCam continues to revolutionize the field of MedTech, particularly in enhancing surgeons’ visual capabilities during minimally invasive procedures across the nation. The innovative device ensures continuous clarity and visibility throughout laparoscopic surgeries, boasting a swift tip that effectively eliminates obstructions such as condensation, blood, fat, and fluids with a simple twist.

With this recent accolade marking a significant milestone, ClearCam eagerly anticipates further collaborative achievements and breakthroughs in the years ahead, solidifying its position as a pioneering force within the MedTech industry.