ATI-Grad Calxeda Plans to Sprout in 2011 with New Seed Money

Community Impact Newspaper writer Amy Deis featured ATI graduate Calxeda in Friday’s edition. Co-founder and CEO Barry Evans started Calxeda with the idea to use chip technology that run cell phones and tablets for data centers that utilize servers to gather and store information.

ATI helped Calxeda raise $48 million in investment capital with their 20 plus years of industry knowledge and contacts. ATI has helped over 200 companies raise almost three-quarters of a billion dollars to date.

In 2011, Calxeda plans to continue to grow their capital and start chip production. No doubt ATI will continue to play a leading role in technology entrepreneurship, especially with its clean energy and bioscience divisions, and help spur further economic development for Austin at such a crucial time.

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