ATI Bioscience Interns At Work

Here at ATI we have a thriving intern program!  Our interns help our member companies with everything from business plans, to research, to testing, to marketing support.

The College of Pharmacy recently did a write-up in their publication about the work some of our bioscience interns have been doing for member companies Savara and Minimus Spine.  Savara is developing drug delivery technology focused at the lung and Minimus Spine is developing non-surgical technology for disc herniation.

New companies offer insight from the start (pdf)
Grad students intern at area Pharma start-up companies

Two young startup companies developing therapies to treat medical ills may soon offer renewed promise to patients, thanks, in part, to a cooperative program with the college. This program – a collaborative effort between the college’s Drug Dynamics Institute (DDI) and Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) – has provided these early-stage ventures with pharmacy graduate student interns. In turn, these students have the unique opportunity to work closely with bioscience entrepreneurs.

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