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33 Years of Economic Development and Impact: ATI member companies have collectively contributed

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The Austin Technology Incubator is the deep tech incubator affiliated with The University of Texas at Austin. ATI is a unit of Discovery to Impact at UT. Founded in 1989, ATI is also the longest active technology incubator in the United States. ATI’s mission is and has been, for over 30 years, to empower university and community entrepreneurs through a customized approach to effectively commercialize their breakthrough innovations and compete in the global marketplace.

Through partnerships with investors, trusted professional, corporate and strategic partners as well as universities and other community affiliations, we are dedicated to supporting deep tech solutions that will become the future for today’s global challenges. We are an engine to growth and a stimulator to meaningful and proven economic development.

Entrepreneurs and startups working to solve global challenges in design and reuse.

One of the longest established energy and clean tech incubation programs in the nation.

Working to improve yield, advanced ag production, distribution and logistics, reducing resource consumption

Working with technology innovators across the mobility spectrum to reimagine the circulation of people and goods. 

Working to make the production, transportation, and consumption cycle for water more efficient, intelligent and sustainable.