Student Entrepreneur Acceleration and Launch

Student Entrepreneurs. Experienced Mentors. Collaborative Workspace. Austin Technology Incubator's SEAL program facilitates an environment for student entrepreneurs to discover whether or not it's time to go all in.

ATI SEAL Program

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ATI’s SEAL program will work with the Kauffman Foundation to expand to 10 other Universities. Look for more information in Spring 2016 for new applicants.

Watch the 2015 Decision Day event recorded with Google Austin on either Google+ Hangouts on Air or on YouTube .


ATI’s Student Entrepreneur Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) program is The University of Texas at Austin’s selective 12-week summer program designed to help student teams tackle the most difficult, deal-killing questions of their new ventures.

Each year there are over 150 ventures at The University of Texas at Austin. Through SEAL, ATI invites ~10 of these teams into an intensive, mentor-driven program designed to accelerate the ventures and drive a go/no-go decision from the student founders. Since 2009, 100 students have participated by taking over 50 ventures through the ATI SEAL program. Two-thirds of SEAL graduates successfully raised capital or bootstrapped the company to market. Previous SEAL teams include: Ordoro, M87, Lynx Labs, AdBm Technologies, Beyonic Technologies, Favor, Accordion Health, and more.



Kauffman Foundation

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Mentorship is a fundamental part of our mission. We’re looking for seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and community organizers to help foster the potential of these young ventures. If you or someone in your network is interested in getting involved,

Longhorn Entrepreneur?

The ATI SEAL program is designed to aid entrepreneurs in shaping young ventures and better understanding their target customers. Our network of advisors work with SEAL companies to transform promising ideas into salient businesses. If you want to learn more, .

ATI SEAL 2015 Class

ATI Hand Dev-02

Austin Robotics

Austin Robotics creates robotic exoskeletons to assist patients with movement as part of physical therapy.

Disco Logo

Disco Learning Media

Disco is an education technology company whose mission is to modernize textbooks.

Flipped Health logo

Flipped Health

Flipped Health is developing a drug delivery platform that improves vaccine stability, reduces vaccine wastage, and enables delivery to high growth emerging markets.

Guardian Sensors

Guardian Sensor

Guardian Sensor has developed wearable sensors for medical applications using a wireless, battery-free platform monitoring system based on proprietary epidermal sensors technology.

Lucelo Logo


Lucelo is working to develop a sustainable permanent power source to enhance wireless connectivity and data acquisition from remote and mobile devices.

Penumbra Logo

Penumbra Development

Penumbra Development brings innovative solutions to after school education, test preparation, and technological integration.



ProteanSeq is developing a novel integrated system for rapid and large scale cataloguing of proteins in complex biological samples to detect and quantify proteins at low levels in bodily fluids for early disease diagnosis.



YouRefund has developed an app to prevent tax fraud.


AdBm Technologies →

Class of 2014

Accordion Health →
BaseDrive →
BlueField →
edMosphere →
Enterprise Mimetics →
Everywhere Energy →
Renovate Simply (fka Homenity) →
Draft (fka HRVST) →
Insight →
Plasmatronycs →
Scalar Security (killed idea and started anew) →
SpinDrift →

Class of 2013

Beyonic Technologies → →
EyeQ →
Favor →
Guava (FKA GuavaText)
MyMenu (Fka Intelligent Menu) →
Onsite Control

Class of 2012

Ideation Systems →
Lynx Labs →
Predictable Data →
Reqwip →

Class of 2011

The Body Browser
Pheir Health (killed idea and started anew with Agile Law)
AgiLux (FKA VecturaLux) (killed idea and started anew)

Class of 2010

M87 (FKA Wibole Inc.) →
Ordoro →
RBK Instruments

Class of 2009

Sparq Mobile (killed idea and started anew with Mutual Mobile)

Student Entrepreneur Acceleration and Launch