Clean Energy

Founded in 2001, our Clean Energy Incubator (CEI) is one of the longest-established energy and clean tech incubators in the United States. This is appropriate: our parent institution, the University of Texas, does more energy research than any other university in the world.


AdBm Technologies

Low-cost noise-abatement technology for marine environments.



Bractlet accurately forecasts savings from energy efficiency projects allowing for more projects to get funded and executed.



Decentralized, scalable, and secure SAAS middleware enabling sustainable energy solutions for electric vehicles, buildings and microgrids

J R Thermal

J R Thermal

J R Thermal develops novel technologies for heat transfer and thermal energy.


Secure Waters

Real-time monitoring of surface waters.



Proprietary algorithms that allow real time monitoring of oil and CO2 flow without shutting down production; reducing waste and downtime in the enhanced oil recovery market.

water lens

Water Lens

Water Lens is a patented and patent-pending system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that can be performed at the well site.

wetzel blade

Wetzel Blade

Wetzel Blade manufactures advanced-technology wind turbine blades as replacement blades for rapidly aging utility-scale wind turbines. The technology is being developed with its sister company Wetzel Engineering, Inc.